Celery shrimp n' coconut rice

To say I can't cook is an understatement, my family laughs when I make a pot of top roman. I just don't have that knick that some moms have. BUT we aren't completely doomed! My husband knows how to work it in the kitchen! (Phew!) on one of our first dates he made me a delicious home cooked meal. I asked him where he got it and he told me it's just something he threw together. I was shocked! The way the celery salt on the shrimp mixed with the coconut rice and all the favors combined made me want to marry him and the food! So I did. ;) haha. Really though, it's so good! And then he adds asparagus to the side or sometimes mixed together. It's all so good. 

Uncooked large frozen shrimp (amount of your choice) 
1 Tsp Celery salt sprinkled over shrimp
1tbs butter/margarine

1. Wash and peel shrimp. 
2. Saute' shrimp with butter and celery salt on stovetop until they are a very light pink (about 3/4 cooked)
3. Finish cooking shrimp on Grill to give it a light crisp. 

Coconut rice
1c jasmine rice 
1/2c water
1c coconut milk

In a rice cooker or saucepan; place 1c jasmine rice, 1/2 c water, 1c of coconut milk. Mix contents. 
Bring to a boil. 
Then place lid over the top and simmer until there is no more water left in pot. 
Do not stir when simmering.
Cook Approx. 7-10 minutes after boiling. 

Salt and pepper to taste 

Wash and cut bottom ends of asparagus 
Add Asparagus in frying pan
add butter, salt & pepper to pan
fry until asparagus is soft. 

You can mix shrimp rice and asparagus together or eat separately. Either way is delicious, I prefer the shrimp and rice mixed with the asparagus on the side. :)

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